End the purchase of sex.

    Ash Regan MSP is drafting legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland.

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    This will be put to the Scottish Parliament

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    What are the steps to legislation?

    The three phases to completion

    1. Idea & Public Input

    We start by sharing our draft proposal with you, the public, for feedback. This is your chance to have your say and help shape the Bill.

    2. Finalising the Plan

    After considering your feedback, we finalise the proposal and gather support from other MSPs. This is the stage where the Bill starts to take its final shape.

    3. Parliamentary Review

    Once everything is set, the Bill goes to the Scottish Parliament for a thorough review and debate. This is where the law could be made.

    About Ash Regan

    Ash Regan, a Member of the Scottish Parliament for Edinburgh Eastern, is a passionate

    advocate for Scottish independence and community safety. An alumna of the University of Keele, she has a rich background that spans from the Women for Independence movement to her role as Minister for Community Safety.

    Ash has consistently championed the power of active citizenship and cultural diplomacy. Known for her bold stance on the protection of the rights of women and girls she is the driving force behind the proposed ‘Prostitution (Offences and Support) (Scotland) Bill,’ aiming to end the commodification and exploitation of individuals through the buying and selling of sex. Ash believes that legislative change is crucial in shifting societal attitudes and providing real alternatives for those who feel they have no other option but to sell sex.

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